Education Planning

Education can be one of your most costly investments or expenses, depending on how you view it.  For some, these expenses begin at a very early age even before elementary school.  For others, they occur after high school or later in life.  Planning years in advance allows for more efficient cash flow and tax management of these costs. 

Through our planning software, we’ll help analyze the true costs of education and provide insights into how best to afford these costs.  We’ll discuss your specific goals and cash flows today and tomorrow.  We’ll offer strategies that can help lower your tax bill while seeking growth in your education account.  These strategies are layered into your financial plan so you can see the impacts of your decisions.

For those who have already incurred education expenses, managing student loans can often feel like an impossible burden.  With monthly payments in the thousands, it can feel like a mortgage payment has been dropped on you.  We understand these concerns and struggles and will help create a plan and strategy to get these expenses paid off in the most efficient manner possible.

Some questions you should consider:

  • What will my (or my children’s) careers look like?
  • What type of degree or training do I (or my children) need in order to pursue this career/job/business?
  • What are the best ways of getting this degree or training?
  • What will education cost in the future?
  • How am I going to afford these costs for myself, my children, or my grandchildren?
  • How’s the best way to save for future expenses while minimizing taxes today and in the future?
  • Who is helping me answer these questions?

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