Financial Planning

Your life cannot be summarized on a static sheet of paper and neither should your financial future. We use industry-leading technology to create a dynamic financial plan that grows as you grow. Through our planning process, we create simple actionable steps to help you realize your future financial goals.

Beginning with your story, we listen to your goals and passions.  From this foundation we create unique strategies tailored to you and your plan.  Our planning process is built to be educational.  We walk through your current financial situation and then layer in current trajectory.  This lays the foundation that we will build upon.  We highlight and talk through future milestones, explaining the intricate financial details underlying each.  Many of these milestones include tax implications that can be avoided or minimized through long-term planning. 

With these goals and upcoming milestones in mind, we build your strategies from the ground up.  As we toggle on various scenarios you will get a feel for how each strategy will impact your plan.  Through this process we will present opportunities to optimize your long-term cash flow, potentially lower your taxes, improve your estate, and foster long-term financial confidence.

As the strategies come to life, we help you make actionable decisions.  Our distinct approach gets your commitment on things we can green-light moving forward.  We’ll keep you accountable to these actions - working behind the scenes to help you pursue your goals. 

The dynamic financial plan updates daily, giving you transparency into your financial future.  We view this plan as a roadmap, regularly measuring ourselves against the original plan.  As your milestones are reached, as goals evolve, and as markets and tax laws change, we come alongside to update and adjust your plan as we strive together towards your destination.

Some questions you should consider:

  • What do I want to accomplish with my life?
  • What is my legacy?  What will my impact be?
  • Who is important in my life?  Family?  Friends?  Organizations?  Charities?  Businesses?
  • Am I balancing my commitment of time and resources to each appropriately?
  • Where are all of my assets and liabilities located?
  • How do these assets and liabilities interact with each other from a risk perspective?
  • How am I going to accomplish my goals?
  • What is the probability that I’m able to achieve my goals?
  • Are there opportunities to lower my tax bill, either today or in the future?
  • How does a new opportunity or expense impact my larger plan?
  • Who is helping me make decisions in my financial life?

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