Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is rooted in decades of research analyzing financial markets, portfolio construction, and behavioral finance. Partnering with leading research firms we construct portfolios with risk tolerance in mind. We believe in the following core tenants of Dimensional Fund Advisors' research:

  • Embrace market pricing
  • Avoid market timing
  • Resist chasing past performance
  • Let markets work for the investor
  • Consider the drivers of returns
  • Practice smart diversification
  • Manage emotions
  • Look beyond the headlines, focusing on long-term investing
  • Focus on what we can control

Each portfolio is aligned with the financial plan to create a coordinated strategy with the client’s goals in mind. We believe aligning risk tolerance with your investments is critical to long-term success. Portfolios are constructed to minimize drags by focusing on low internal expenses and efficient tax management. We believe long-term wealth is best built with a focus on the small details.

Faith & Value Portfolios

When considering your financial future, we believe your plan and investments should be aligned with your core beliefs. For many, that includes faith.

In addition to our core portfolios, we offer a subset of portfolios that are constructed with the highest intentions based on guidance from faith leaders. In these portfolios, we embrace those companies who are aligned with your values, while maintaining broad diversification and low internal expenses.

Those who choose to invest in these portfolios can do so confidently knowing their faith remains at the center of their decisions.

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