Financial Planning
  • What do I want to accomplish with my life?

  • What is my legacy? What will my impact be?

  • Who is important in my life?  Family?  Friends?  Organizations?  Charities?  Businesses?

  • Am I balancing my commitment of time and resources to each appropriately?

  • Where are all of my assets and liabilities located?

  • How do these assets and liabilities interact with each other from a risk perspective?

  • What is the probability that I’m able to achieve my goals?

  • Are there opportunities to lower my tax bill, either today or in the future?

  • How does a new opportunity or expense impact my larger plan?

  • Who is helping me make decisions in my financial life?

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Retirement Planning
  • Where does my purpose come from today?  If work, what will give me purpose after I’m no longer working?

  • Who are the people I want to surround myself with in retirement?  What do I want to accomplish?  Where do I want to go?

  • How do I view retirement?  Is it with fear?  Is it with anticipation?  Are my feelings towards retirement healthy, or do they cause me stress?

  • Where will my next paycheck come from after I retire?

  • What’s the right decision when it comes to Social Security and Medicare?

  • How do I strategize retirement income in the most tax-efficient manner?

  • Are there certain dates or ages that I need to be aware of in retirement?

  • Who is helping me make decisions in these areas?

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Education Planning
  • What will my (or my children’s) careers look like?

  • What type of degree or training do I (or my children) need in order to pursue this career/job/business?

  • What are the best ways of getting this degree or training?

  • What will education cost in the future?

  • How am I going to afford these costs for myself, my children, or my grandchildren?

  • How’s the best way to save for future expenses while minimizing taxes today and in the future?

  • Who is helping me answer these questions?

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Estate Planning
  • How will you look back on your life when you get to the end?

  • What would you like your impact and legacy to look like?

  • How can you begin creating this vision today?

  • Who are the most important people or organizations in that legacy?

  • Who or what do I need to protect should something happen to me?

  • How do charities fit into my estate plan?

  • What are estate taxes, and how do estate taxes impact me?

  • When is the ideal time to transfer or gift assets?

  • What is the best way to structure my assets?

  • How do my estate decisions impact taxes for me or others?

  • Who is helping me manage the complexities of my estate?

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Insurance Planning
  • Who or what is most important to me?

  • How am I protecting those I love should something happen to me?

  • What is the best way to ensure my family doesn’t bear unnecessary financial hardship should something happen to me?

  • What is the purpose of insurance?

  • Will I ever be self-insured?

  • How will estate taxes impact my family, and am I prepared for these?

  • Are there better options than those I’m currently doing?

  • How much should I be spending on insurance?

  • Is my insurance through work enough?

  • Who do I trust to help me with these decisions?

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Business Planning
  • What is my vision for my business?

  • How do I view my role as business owner?

  • How will my business (and my decisions involving my business) impact my community, my customers/clients/patients, and my employees?

  • How do I work with my business partners?  How do I bring on new partners?

  • What is the ideal business structure for my situation?

  • How profitable is my business?

  • What key financial metrics should I be tracking?  How could I make better decisions based on this data?

  • Will my business survive if I don’t show up to work tomorrow?

  • Do I have a succession or buy-out plan started in my business?  If so, is it healthy and set-up to succeed?  If not, where do I start?

  • Do I have key employees, stakeholders, or business relationships that I need to protect?

  • How will I provide benefits to my employees?

  • How do I balance my business and my family?

  • How can I lower my tax bill today and in the future?

  • Who is helping me work ON the business and not IN the business?

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A Few Financial Questions to Ask Yourself

Financial planning is more than investment management. We help you create a thorough, intentional plan that takes into account all variables that come with retirement by answering & solving key questions.

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