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A step-by-step overview of what it looks like to work with Impact Wealth Planners

Step 1) Initial Meeting

This 45-60 minute meeting provides a chance to learn more about your situation including your needs, goals and aspirations. We also share about our firm and what you can expect as a client. With transparent expectations and costs outlined, we’re able to mutually determine the best path forward. From this meeting, both sides have homework.

Step 2) Document Organization

After the first meeting, we'll gather financial documents & data and put together your personalized financial plan. We recognize that a final product is only as strong as the initial inputs. With that in mind, we focus on comprehensive data to create your comprehensive financial plan.

Step 3) Financial Planning Meeting

This 60-90 minute meeting includes the financial plan presentation, diving deep into strategies that will have a positive impact on your financial future. We spend time evaluating different solutions and understanding the impacts of your decisions today. Our goal from this meeting is to both inform and educate, helping you take ownership of your financial future. We want you to understand the WHY behind each recommendation and strategy – we’ll take care of the HOW.

Step 4) Accountability and Education

Following the Financial Planning Meeting, we mutually agree to action items moving forward.  By helping implement these steps, we keep you accountable to your plan. We recognize your financial plan is as dynamic as your life is. Because of that,we continue to meet on a regular basis, typically every 6-12 months depending on needs and desires.  During complex times we often see clients more frequently. These check-ups are to keep you accountable to your goals and to continue educating on financial topics pertinent to you and your situation.

How to Get Started

Understanding your financial plan is the first step to understanding your legacy and impact.  We’d be honored to start a conversation today.

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